Our Crew

About The Owner

   Hello everyone, I am Jeff Sabotta, owner of this little photo company.  I realized I wanted a life in photography the moment I picked up a camera in high school.  It gave me a whole new perspective on the way I saw the world.   Life was no longer broken down by days or even hours; it was suddenly broken down by moments.  Photography allows me to break down even the most seemingly mundane  event to it’s smallest parts by capturing the candid moments when raw emotion is displayed.   I believe photography is a powerful medium; it’s ability to elicit the most poignant of feelings simply by the snap of a shutter is unlike anything else.  And the fact that those moments can be printed or turned into any number of wonder things to be cherished for generations is amazing to me.  The thought that my photographs will be treasured for years to come is nothing if not humbling.

  My goal is to always establish a relationship that goes beyond that of the usual client/photographer.  I want everyone I work with to know that I genuinely appreciate the fact that you chose me.  That you saw in me and my work what you were looking for and gave me a chance.   I want my clients to know that they are and their event are as important to me as it is to them.   It is wildly important to me that all my clients are comfortable and relaxed with me; because that level of comfort makes for a wonderful time together and wonderful photographs.

  Now that we are in the digital age photography is everywhere.  At the tips of your fingers when you pick up your phone.  And I love that this has opened up a whole world to people that may have be previously unaware of it.  I love not only photographing people; but sharing with them the things that I have learned about my favorite medium over the past 20 years.  I am passionate about teaching people to love and understand photography to the best of my ability.  Because in that knowledge a greater appreciation for it can be reached.

 On a more personal note, photography is my passion.  My first love so to speak.  Luckily my wife Allison is totally OK with that.  She, along with our four fur babies (Poe, Harper, Kipling & Coupland), help keep my heart full and chugging along so that I can continue on this amazing journey I began so many years ago.  Being a photographer is more than a job to be, it is who I am;  defines how I see the world.  And the world is beautiful.


Devin: Assistant

Hello, I’m Devin Muñoz and I’m an adventure seeker and aspiring photographer. I’m in love with Jesus, my hubby, our puppy, horses and anything and everything outdoors. You can usually find me with coffee in my hand and pizza happens to be my favorite food group. I’m committed to exposing the light within people through photos and capturing some of their biggest memories. I cannot wait to meet you!