Lifestyle: Newborns

The tiny little person that you created is home and life will never be the same.   The smiles and coos and finger holding are enough to melt your heart.  And the crying and poopy diapers and sleepless nights are enough to put you on edge.  But all of it is part of being a family and it is my only goal to capture it.  I want to show your babies personality, even if that means a photo of them wailing away or totally zonked out.   All of that makes them them.  And because Itty bitty humans are just about the most unpredictable presence on Earth and if the session doesn’t go strictly as planned because all they do is wail or sleep, then I will come back again and give it another shot.  Newborns don’t stick around forever, soon they will be toddlers and then teenagers; getting it right is my priority.