Vacation Unplugged

I can't recall the last time I went a week plus without posting something this year.  No time like the present I guess.  I went on my 10 year wedding anniversary vacation last week.  I also went those 8 days without looking at any emails or doing any kind of work. Of course I texted family members to let them know of my safe arrival and I left info for them to get a hold of me if they needed it, but I locked my phone up in our hotel safe and didn't start looking at anything work related until the flight home.  If you haven't gone a vacation like this, I recommend it.  There is something freeing about putting work on hold, not looking at social media of any kind and really just relaxing.   Negril, Jamaica was our getaway and we had a blast!  We renewed our vows (pics coming...) and basked in the 86 degrees and mostly sunny days.  I did manage to take a few photos throughout the trip.  I played with a little HDR and took some selfies with my wife and friends, but kept it low key.  

On a personal note, I loved getting to spend so much time with my wife in paradise.  I know it is not easy for her when I am gone for what seems like 7 days a week during my shooting season of March-December. I really wanted to focus on what was important this trip and that was her and having as much "us" time as possible.  We were successful and though it was hard to leave, we are are both happy to be home with our 3 fur babies tonight.   Emails have been looked through and I am back to grind tomorrow to which will be the dawn of Thanksgiving.  I am so thankful for a wonderful wife, amazing family and friends and the best clients for their patience while I was away.  The blog will be back to the heavy lifting soon enough.  How about a little break into paradise first.  Ya Mon!

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