Alisa & Kamryn

I always get so excited when the time comes to photograph Alisa & Kamryn.  We always have so much fun and the sessions get better and better.  She actually remembered my crab walk when she was little to help make her smile.  She calls  me Jeff the photo guy and I wear that title with a lot of pride and love for these two.  Our history spans years and I have gotten to meet a lot of wonderful people because of them and that has been the ultimate gift.  Friendship. If the location looks familiar (you blog stalkers you) It was the same location has Alisa's co workers staff photos. She loved it too much to not have her pics there.  We even got a little kitten to join us and it was very difficult to not take it home. I was this I hope you all enjoy one of my fav sessions of the year.  I love these two and I am so glad they are back on the blog to wrap the fall season. It is also one of the few sets I jump in on. So that is pretty cool tradition I like counting on. Enjoy!