E2 Session: Kelly & Josh

Tis the season for engagement sessions.  The weather was amazing today for Kelly and Josh. If only it was that cooperative all year long.  Whatever nerves were felt during the 45 min trek to our location today was immediately "Hulk" smashed with 10 min.  These two are a bundle of awesome.  This session went way off-script and into another realm of fun.  From the topics of conversation ( I seriously can't discuss what was said on here, I am not kidding) to the total trust of letting me do what I do.  It was an immediate connection of Middle Earth proportions. They know what I mean.  The laughter, the pranking, the goofy looks, nose picking, all of it...is all them.  I just played follow the leader.  I was just the one to find the Stargate. It was amazing session to which I hope that other couples who follow the blog take note.  Live in the moment.  Enjoy each other.  Make the session yours.  One of my favs this season and it is only just starting.  Welcome these kids at heart to the site!  Scroll away.