E2 Session: Amy & Tom

Amy has been chomping at the bit for months waiting for her engagement session with me.  We knew where we were shooting, but it was just a matter of the weather.  Today had the most perfect conditons.  Amy has been an associate photographer for me for about 3 seasons.  She is a great photographer and I have enjoyed watching her grow as an artist.  Watching her with Tom today, I was in complete giddy mode.  She is very focused with her work and to see her be so carefree and goofy, really made me happy. I can see why they love each other so much.  Her wedding is about 1 year away, but I assured her that would go faster than she thinks.  This collection has the all the fixings of a wonderful recipe of happiness.  I know Amy is ctrl F5'ing right now.  So enough chatter and lets get to them.  Oh, one more thing. Hi Carolyn! (Amy's mom).  Wait until you get to the last one ;)