Dana & Dan: Springfield CC

There were a lot of firsts on Saturday while hanging with Dana and Dan.  Up until yesterday, I had never met Dana and Dan.  Our correspondence was strictly emails and texts and a few phone calls. However, when Dana opened the door to greet me in the morning, we were instant friends.  We talked, we laughed and got ready for what was going to be a truly personal and family affair. When one is embraced with so much warmth and generosity, one can't help to want to do everything in their power to thank them.  Dana and Dan's family showed us that yesterday, throughout the whole day.  I can't help, but miss them already and I am not even 24 hours removed from the day.   This family sized teaser is the least I can do so show my appreciation.  With the hottest temperatures I have ever shot in, this crew kept their cool and gave us some incredible snags to share the story.  Please enjoy my new friends!