E2 Session: Codi & Mike

It was a quite a few firsts this weekend for me.  I was stopped by a random pedestrian while walking to meet Codi and Mike.  He asked for a business card and asked if I take maternity pics.  I said yes and he thanked me, said he would call me and drove off.  Apparently my camera harness strikes a cord in people to inquire about a session.  As we were about to begin our session, another couple had just got engaged and I was asked to take a quick pic of the moment minutes after it happened.  Of course!  Codi and Mike were super cool about it, as it took seconds and then we began.  With the temps a little more comfortable for once we walked around Water Works, made our way to Olde City, Penns Landing and a little champne celebration back at the start of our trip.  As you'll scroll, you can see why we had so much fun.  I am looking forward to 2017 already guys!  I had a blast.  Enjoy!