Lauren & Jay: Moshulu

Lauren is one of the sweetest people I have come across in along time.  I met her a few years, as she was a bridesmaid in a wedding I shot.  We struck up a friendship right there on the spot and when she reached out when she got engaged, I was so excited that she remembered me and I was available.  Moshulu was a our destination yesterday and despite a little finicky weather, we made our way around the boat and got some wonderful moments and stayed dry in the process.  

Their friends and family threw down along side them and it was one helluva party.  The day went so fast and looking back on it nearly 24 hours later, I now know why my body hurts so much.  We adore these two to no end and we are so excited to showcase some of the greatest hits.  Congrats again to you both.  Enjoy.