E2 Session: Ali & Terry

It has been 4 years since I had the opportunity to meet these two.  We met at Ali's sisters wedding I shot. They left a really great impression on me and when I got her email a few weeks back, I was so excited.  Sadly, I am not available for her wedding next year, but I still got to be a part of their story though.  We met up in Bethlehem tonight for an amazing, crazy, laugh fest, dance off, nostalgia trivia, Guinness drinking whatever you call it.  I can't describe how everything went down.  All I can say is those 3 hours went way too fast and I am still laughing.  Their infectious smiles will lure you in and believe me, you'll be glad you visited. I am truly blessed to meet couples like these two.  They make this job so fun.  Though I have been on a 6 straight day session streak and was extremely tired from the weekend, their boost of energy was exactly what the Dr. ordered. Thus, why they get a same night edit.  Enjoy friends!