Ella & Liam

I got to meet Christy, Kyle and Liam last Fall.  It was a love at first sight scenerio.  Fast forward to today and I got meet Ella, the newest addition to the squad.  And as I expected, she fit right in  the adorable family theme they've built over there in NJ.  

When approaching family photos, I learned a while back that it is so important to step back and just let the moments happen. I like the planned and staged, I do, but my favorites are the candid and "real" moments the family share.  That to me tells the real story of the family.  We incorporated a little of both this morning.  It is testament to this family of four that I can say this... The house is filled with a lot of love and these two kids are really lucky and it is felt everywhere. Please enjoy this little mixed tape of family happiness.  Crank this to 11.