Kutztown Sisters

There is something about meeting true friends in college and knowing that no matter what, these relationships will carry with you as the next chapter of your life begins.  Photographing and hanging out with these extraordinary woman was a reminder of how amazing college can be when you have a bond like they do.  From the laughter they've had, to the tears they've shed, to the incredible stories they will take with them, they are forever united in their KU journey. 

All have achieved so much success and accolades in their 4 years and they all should be incredibly proud. We walked to some of the important buildings on campus and shot around a bit.  We got some fun candid group shots and some solo pics as well.  Each with their own personalities shining through the session.  I was extremely humbled to capture such an important event for these girls and I hope they look back on the session as fondly as I do.  Much love to Sage for getting everyone together and requesting this session take place.  And of course the fabulous remaining 6,  Brenda, Abby, Becca, Colleen, Nadia and Danielle for making it so fun. Good luck to all of you! 

Enjoy some highlights below.