June 20th: 23 years strong

23 years ago I started on a little journey.  I didn't think it would ever get to this point, but I am really proud that it has. The year was 1995, I asked my two best friends (Kristy and Andy) from high school to join me for a photo shoot.  I was moving away from the West Chester area to the Allentown area.  For me, it was saying good bye to the best parts of me.  The distance was not far, but it was going to be different.  So what better way than to capture that moment and freeze it.  After the 45 min session was over, I dropped off my friend Kristy and that was that.  I moved that July or August.  However, I thought, how cool could it be to get together every year, on this date and get a picture done.  So we just kind of did that. Seriously, without reservation, we did that.  Now, Kristy was able to make a few more, but Andy has been the constant.  Him and I have not missed a picture for 23 years.  Through growing up, high school graduation, college, jobs, marriage, kids, pets and families, we have never missed it.  Whether a few minutes or a whole day hanging out, there has been a picture. We've been blessed to have many people partake and that is the best part of it all really.  People are drawn to the idea and what it represents...friendship. Pretty simple concept. Who knew that this whole thing was thought up simply for a girl I didn't want to say goodbye to.  And look where we are with it now.  I hope one day Kristy can rejoin Andy and I.  I think that trio photo is a little overdue.  It will be fun to reflect on everything, see each others families and simply take a picture.  For now, I will continue to show up and cherish the 20th.  It really has taken on a life of it's own and I am really proud to be apart of it.  Enjoy some samples from yesterday.   Thanks to Berkes, Dani and Wolf for taking part in the fun yesterday.  Much love!