Erin & Kaird: Northampton C.C

I have never seen a groom so excited to get married.  He wanted that ring on his finger...bad. Saturday's wedding with Erin and Kaird was one for the books.  You had a stunning bride, a cool as ice bridal party, amazing family members and some of the nicest people surrounding all them all season.  It was a really good day.  Which is why I am stoked to bring you an extended version of this wedding story.  There is a little more content (just by 50 pics or so ;) Also, why wouldn't I?  Their last song of the night was "Take me home tonight" by Eddie Money.  Umm...80's! favorite era...hello! So sit back, grab a beer, wine or whatever is cold next to you and relax and scroll slow. Repeat viewings are kinda necessary.  Much love to you both!  I had a great time.  Many thanks to the team of Weddings by Paris DJ's and Martina at Kevin Fondash Studios for the rocking the day with me. You guys are always a blast to hangout with and help tell the couples stories. Enjoy friends!