Maggie & Ben: Hotel DuPont

When you are motivated and full of energy after an insanely fun wedding, you do the only thing you know how to do….Do a super late night wedding post. Why? So the couple has something fun to wake up to…or they are still partying and they will see these in a few minutes. Either way, Maggie and Ben deserve all the kudos and love for what they brought Saturday. They are the coolest of the cool and they surrounded themselves with some of greatest people we’ve met all season. We were accepted as family from the minute we walked in the door and that my friends is the greatest feeling in the world. The wedding had everything. The dress, the flowers, the shoes, the venue, the bridal party and the band. My god, did Rio of EBE rock the house! So before I go into a unnecessarily long “adore this couple” section, I am going to nip it right here. They know I love them. We are so thankful to have met you, we loved spending the day with you and enjoy your getaway. See you soon when you return! Enjoy the wedding teaser!

Jeffrey SabottaComment