Alisa & Sam: Cork Factory

So full disclosure. I cried at this wedding. Like more than 3 times. I cried while editing these photos. And truth be told, a little misty while writing this. For those that know Alisa and Sam, this will come as no surprise. Their relationship is a gift. A true gift. Years of patience, understanding and love brought everyone together yesterday. More than 1/4 of the room I have had the pleasure of knowing and photographed them. Alisa had me capture her day, but then when the time came, made me put the camera down and celebrate along side of her. Her friendship is one of those I can’t put into words and I don’t think I ever will. They are family. Plain and simple. So as I await to ring in the New Year, they get a nice look back on what a wonderful day it was! God Bless you both! Happy New Year xoxo.

Jeffrey SabottaComment