Illinois Boys: Part 2

It has been a wild week to say the least.  I was in Illinois for 4 days and then off to Mexico for another 4 (more on that later). I was home for a little close to 12 hours before I was back on a plane. However the trips were so worth the layovers and bad airplane coffee.  I got some much needed face time with my family this time out.  It wasn't just about the pics.  Between the Tennis, Senior pics and much needed updated family snags, I got to hangout with my Uncle and cousins and live in their world for a while. I had that extra dose of family that I needed and I was beyond humbled that they asked me to capture such moments for them.  This post is just a little taste of the sessions we had together.  I am going to let them fight over the rest and decide on what pics go where.  I do recall a certain hallway ;)  Just saying. Uncle Chris, Renee, David and Ethan. Love you guys.  I will be bringing Allison next time! Sabotta's Unite!