Hmm...Where to start.  Well, first a huge thank you to Josh and Emily for having me out to Cancun, Mexico for 4 days of sun, fun and one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever been a part of.  It was an unforgettable experience and I won't forget this anytime soon.  Both personally and professionally, I have never felt more respected and appreciated by so many. 

Secondly, to the famous 40+ family/friends that came to celebrate with these two.  You cast of characters made this trip and wedding so fun for so many.  I hope you know that and if it wasn't for you, these pics wouldn't have the same momentum.  We had a blast hanging with, drinking with and most importantly laughing with all of you.  From the twinkie shirt to the famous Wooo girls (you know who you are ladies ;) you kick ass and we adore you all so much.  I still think Kristen and I were robbed at darts. Just saying Alberto!!...I am talking to you. 

We had amazing weather, like every.single.day. Blue skies, clear oceans and 82 degrees from the time we landed till we parted ways.  My favorite is when the coordinator said there is 0% change of any precipitation on the wedding day. Love that! 

Second to last, I want to say thank you for making Allison feel so welcome by all of you.  I can't imagine what she was feeling before the trip.  She had only met Josh prior to the arrival.  She was a stranger to you and frankly she is the wife of the photographer. She doesn't take the pics, she was there just to be with me in the down time.  So let me brag about you folks for minute. You included her in every activity, every meal and even the father the bride danced with her.  That doesn't just happen.  This is something on another level. You befriended her like she was one of your own.  She was never bored or waiting for me to put my camera down.  You all talked to her and made her feel like she was part of the group.  I really have no words for that.  I really really don't.  You all have my upmost love. period. 

Finally, Josh and Emily....man. Grabbing tissues.  When I met Josh at a networking group several years ago, I never would have expected this to happen.  He stayed true to his word.  He said, if he ever got married, he would want me to photograph it.  We both left the group and fast forward a year or so, we connected and plans were set for the surprise engagement and then this trip.  I feel incredibly lucky to have met you both.  You've shown me only kindness and patience and most of all, trust.  You let me do what I do best, which is tell a story of two people in love.  All the giggles, smiles and tears are in here.  Too keep the suspense in check, there are 378 photos below.  No, I am not kidding.  This is your teaser.  I had to show this much.  We did a lot of stuff. We saw a lot of stuff.  Now we should show it to everyone right? So dry the eyes and start scrolling.  Emily, have more tissues throughout, you'll want them.  I love you both!  This is for Chad...;)