Day in the Life: Sarah, Calvin and Madeline

Disclaimer:  There will be an editors note.  The family will be writing about their experience here at top in a few days.  For now, you'll have some of my thoughts-J

This session was ambitious, real, exhausting and the most fulfilling of any session I have ever done.  I get asked all the time, will you just follow me around for the day?  I laugh it off and then the issue is mute. Not this time. 

What started as an idea to add this as a business service, quickly became something bigger.  It turned into a personal project to show families as they truly are.  Regardless of race, financial status and age, my goal was to capture 1 day in the life of a few lucky families that wanted to partake and see a stripped down and raw version of themselves. What came out of this first attempt is something I still can't really put into words. Maybe that is what is supposed to happen.

There is joy, laughter, heartbreak, imagination, youth and most importantly, connection. To really show you what I am talking about, I really needed to do something bold here.  I am showing you the whole collection in one shot.  No teaser, no come back later to see the rest.  This is the finished product.  It was shot and edited completely in B&W.  No color, no Photoshop retouches. Nothing. I couldn't think of a better way to get the right impact out of these moments below than in glorious B&W, my favorite medium. I shot what I saw, there was no direction. Not once did a "cheese" come out of young mouths.  The restraint and having to hold back from the typical engagement with the family was hard, but the result is something truly special. 

I was asked years ago, "Do you like taking pictures"?  I replied with, "I love telling stories with my pictures".  I hope that this resonates with you.  In fact I hope it does with a lot of you. Whether it triggers a memory, makes you laugh or even makes you cry of moments of yesterday.  Life is fleeting.  It goes so fast anymore.  It is crazy to think this was a day and that 364 follow this to make up their year. 

As I drove home, I left with a better appreciation of what parents go through on a minute to minute, hour by hour basis with their kids. It is really damn hard. 

Sarah, Cal and Madeline, as the days, weeks and years pass, I hope you look back on this collection with the understanding that you are an amazing family and you have my sincerest appreciation of letting me into that world for the day.

And finally, I hope whatever love triangle Moana, Woody, Ken and Trevor found themselves in the playhouse ends with love and friendship. No more hit and runs with Barbie's corvette and that poor poor horse. I can't even begin to make this up...

With that, scroll slow and remember.