E2 Session: Julie & Justin

When I first talked to these two we had a nearly 2 hour phone conversation.  It didn't feel that long, but it was a fantastic chat and the start to a beautiful relationship.  Fast forward two rain delays and we had their much anticipated E2 today.  It was kind of a "Sonic" boom, so to speak.  We walked the historic grounds at the Mill at Clinton and wrapped up with a little nostalgia shoot at the place where it all began. Sonic. Yes, I am not kidding.  They fell hard for the tots and each other in roller skates years ago in dock 18.  If you've never had their tots and a cranberry limeade, you honestly haven't lived and frankly, SHAME.ON.YOU.  

We laughed...a lot. We ate a bunch of TOTS.  It was a fun morning!  These two shined in the weird and goofy and I am so excited they are here. Welcome them won't you?