Kristine & Mark: Lambertville Station NJ

What is left to say about these two?  They met in high school, dated afterwards.  Feel in love. Hard. Got a dog named Harley, currently are wrapping up renovations on their condo and now they finally get to call themselves husband and wife.  They've been busy, but for a few moments yesterday, you can sense the pure joy of finally being able to celebrate with their friends and family.  They had the most incredible weather possible. They also surrounded themselves with some cooler than cool of peeps.  Of which the high-fives were aplenty last night. We document love stories, it is what we do.  We love it and we love the couples we meet in that process.  From the start, we had a great connection and when we parted ways last night, it was in the sweet sweaty hugs that have become normal for us.  These two have a lifetime of memories to make.  I am so pleased to kick-start the many that were yesterday.  Much love friends!