Amanda & Shawn: Old Homestead C.C

We had two people that couldn't keep their eyes off each other.  We had a family of two become a family of 3.  We had a Superbowl champion, green towels waving proud, beautiful scenery and a wicked hot sun.  Add all that up and it is a pretty exciting day.  We get to be part of a lot of special moments with this job.  Yesterday was no exception. Amanda and Shawn showed everyone how strong their love is and how much everyone in their life is loved.  I was beyond humbled to be part of the day and it has left an undeniable mark on why I love this gig so much.  Thanks so much to the couple, the venue and all the vendors that made it so fun.  Many thanks to Joe, my partner on the front line.  We pushed through the heat together.  I might be a little sunburned, but these are the weddings that make it all the more worth it. Enjoy this incredible wedding story!