Jayden: Class of 2019

There isn't really a right or wrong way when it comes to H.S. Senior photos.  If you aren't taking the time to get to know the student your photographing and making sure the pics reflect them at this moment in their lives, not 20 years from now, frankly your doing yourself a disservice to your client. Because you are going to miss out on meeting some really remarkable young adults.  These kids are our future.  Get to know them!  I am off my soapbox now. 

Meet Jayden, he is a gamer, a skater, a music fan of rap/rock.  He can eat a whole bag of fruit snacks within minutes and maybe he will share some. Maybe. He has an edge to him, but he uses that towards his keystrokes while fragging guys in Fortnite and any other game his is feeling at the moment.  He isn't necessarily a fan of photos, but he liked what we did today. I dig his honesty and his sense of humor.  He loves his family, hanging out with his friends and at the end of the day, his room is his sanctuary where he can escape.  We had only scheduled an hour today.  I added two more hours on top of it.  We were having too much fun finding cool spots to shoot at.  I don't know what his plans are for college or the future.  He is loving today and I have the utmost respect for that.  So fight on in your Battle Royale's my good man.  It was great hanging this morning! Laterz