Shannon & Mike: Bear Creek Ski Resort

Shannon and Mike, sing it with me...Rain rain go away, come again another day.  See that...that little rhyme worked today as we were able to get through all the photos of the day without a drop on us.  It rained, oh it did rain, but not on us.  That is the power of positive ju-ju kids.  Believe it. It is real. 

These two had the biggest smiles I have seen all season.  No one could take away the happiness that spread through the Bear Creek Ski Resort today.  It was all fun, all day.  These days are the good ones. Knowing these two has made my life better.  They exude the kind of happiness and kindness that we need more of.  They are that example and I don't spread that jam on any kind of toast.  Don't believe me?  Scroll through this teaser and you'll be convinced.  The friends and family that rocked the day with them.  They know...they know...

Shannon and Mike, you get a little late night teaser.  Those 5 cups of coffee might keep you guys rocking as I write this.  Have a wonderful getaway and I will see you when you return.  Remember to have a few rum punches for me.  xoxo