E2 Session: Sarah & Tommy

So this weather thing...you know the endless rain in PA? It has been a constant struggle of wills to make sure my sessions are getting in and that we take advantage of every gap in the sky.  Today was no different.  What was supposed to be an afternoon session turned to a morning session.  Thank goodness for flexibility in schedules.  We got some sun, a little rain that didn't affect anything and most importantly, we got two human magnets that couldn't get pulled apart even if you tried.  How fun was this morning?  I think the 3 of us can agree that it was good time and we struck weather gold.  It did get nasty-humid and we all were relieved that we didn't have shoot in that much longer. They are going to be rocking their wedding next year in Cornell in NY.  I am stoked for another dose of these two.  Till next time homies!