E2 Session: Alyssa & Dustin

Don't be fooled, Dustin may appear to be the quiet type, but his love for Alyssa is loud and clear to these eyes. It is hard to describe when you meet two people for the first time, instantly click and then grab drinks and food afterwards like we've done it 1000 times before.  That is just how these two roll though.  Yes, they are that cool and No...they are mine. I am not sharing...

Bethlehem was our playground today, we hit up the Steel Stacks and ventured over to Main St for a little stroll in the historic district.  Alyssa's mom and sister tagged along as well.  And yes, they are pretty fantastic too.  They helped with their pup, Murphy, in between shots and were a huge help.  Afterwards we chatted for a few hours at Bethlehem Brew Works  over some Bloodies and Gose's.  Not a bad morning. 

2019 will be full of many wonderful adventures.  It is not that far away and yes I am already chomping like hungry hungry hippos to get to see them again.  So for now we have these and I love these!  So welcome them for the first time.