Angela & Shawn: Hotel Bethlehem

I have waited a long time to get Angie and Shawn in front of the camera again. We missed each other, it was clearly obvious. Hugs and high fives were on the menu today and they came in a buffet. I love them and I loved today. Everything took place at Hotel Bethlehem today. And they took care of these two like they were royalty. From the accommodations, the food and everything in-between, we were hooked up. I got to reunite with some old friends, dance a little and got an after party Taco. Oh yeah, it was a good day! Devin my associate photographer battled the front lines with me and she rocked it. Alisha Nycole & Co. made all the girls flawless. And finally Pop Philly threw down and had everyone on the dance floor. Did I mention it was a good day? So as these two party into the late late hours, I hope they find this to go to bed to or to wake up to. Either way, I am very excited to kick off the 2019 wedding season with this couple. They set the tone. Who will top them….? Enjoy.