Summer & Mark: Overbrook Golf Club

If you were to tell me that the end of March would have a cool breeze and be 74 degrees outside, I would of laughed at you. But the weather gods had other ideas. Summer and Mark had one of those days that you can’t imagine. It was colorful, full of heart and one that the dance floor just shakes beneath you. Yeah, it was one of those days! Summer was absolutely breathtaking, Mark got to throw his jacket over his shoulder and from the speeches to the incredible dancing, we rang in Spring the right way. These two make it look easy. These high school sweethearts make me a believer that finding your true love can happen at the lockers in school. They really are just those magnets that never have to be flipped, the penguins that spend their life together and all the other love analogies you can throw at them. It was a true pleasure to spend the day with them. I got to see some old friends, make some new ones and got a little sad with the high fives and hugs at the end. We will cross paths again, umm. yup. But for now, they have a honeymoon to prep for and some all inclusive stuff to indulge in. So a late late teaser is what they will wake up to. Or they will see it now at their after party. Enjoy friends!

Jeffrey SabottaComment