AJ & Aly: The Lodge at Mountain Springs Lake

These two are that lovable weird that you want to be around like… all the time. You want to discuss creating Velcro t-shirts for them and help eat 5 lbs of gummy bears with them and literally just show up at the venue 5 hours before you are supposed to. I did all these things and like 100 different things that are kind of a blur from yesterday. From a hungry hungry hippos route, anxiety attacks from Operation and an uber aggressive Rock em Sock em battle. This wedding was not a wedding. It was a beautiful hangout. To talk about it wouldn’t do it justice. So I am going to spare you the emotional breakdown of why I adore them and just show them a little glimpse of what went down. So I am going to do that. Like now. Rock on my peeps!

Jeffrey SabottaComment