Afternoon with Andrea

Andrea has been a friend of mine over the last few years. We have had multiple shoots with her family, had a drink or 3 and she has been a champion for my wife Allison when she started her journey on a more active and healthy lifestyle. It was time to give back and say thank you.

Back on January 1st, 2018 Andrea stopped what she was doing and decided that her life needed more activity and a healthy start. She popped in a few workout DVDs and did just that. Fast forward to today and she has lost nearly 50 lbs in the year. She became a coach and an inspiration to many amazing individuals. She did all this all while being a mom to her amazing kiddos, a loving and supportive wife and a friend to many in her personal circle. She is a warrior and such a sweet soul that I decided to use my powers of photography and give her a little gift. I took her to lunch and then brought in my friend and professional makeup artist, Jenae and grabbed some super fun wardrobe choices and we had ourselves a fun portrait shoot. All Andrea had to do was sit back and enjoy the afternoon.

And that she did…

We had an amazing session where she could just be her. No noise, no kids, no errands or work. Just a fantastic afternoon just for her.

She was nervous of course and she got a little emotional (in a good way) and I really truly believe that this was just that little lift that sometimes you need to get reignited in your life. We all have felt it haven’t we?

We live in a world that isn’t always nice. Where gestures of kindness are very rare to find. I think we need more of it. We need to remind ourselves that life is really good and that good people are still here and they need to be recognized. She has done amazing things for her family and for her life. That needed to be celebrated. And I knew I could do something…

When I first started this business, I wanted to always give back in whatever way I could with my photography. There was no hidden agenda, no games. Just a friend giving a friend a little boost of confidence with some bad ass pictures. I think we did that. And I hope they are enjoyed for many years to come. Her husband was wow’d when he walked in the door from work and her kids wanted to dress like her and have makeup done too. It was a good day!

Thanks for taking the time to read this. And Happy Friday friends

Jeffrey SabottaComment