Pam & Bill: Grove at Kempton

First off, Happy Fathers Day everyone. Today I got to spend the day with Pam and Bill. By the power of grey-skull the 90% chance of rain and storms ended up being a practical joke. We saw none of it. Kempton had a bubble and we were in it. What was planned as everything indoors ended up being 98% out and 2% in. Pretty clever odds would’t you say Solo?

The grounds were beautiful, these two were a blast to hang with and yes, I got to see my dad, but on Saturday, not today. Wouldn’t change a thing. I loved telling their story and now I get to reveal a same night edit and those are always fun. So if you didn’t call, text, face-time or Skype your dad today, stop and do that. But seriously, welcome these two on the blog. I love that they are here. Laterz!

Jeffrey SabottaComment