Sarah & Tommy: Cornell University

I would have gone to the ends of the earth for these two, especially on their wedding day. Instead, I found myself at Cornell University with them instead on Saturday. Not a bad substitute. These ivy league lovebirds met Junior year and never looked back. Post graduation, they found themselves in Philly and that is where I got to meet them. It was such a magnetic connection from the first hug, I swear I had known them for years. I secretly hate it that I am not closer because I would hang out with these two any day and twice on Sunday. The people that know them feel the same way. That is the energy they put out. There needs to be more people like them and I will be damned if I don’t create a machine that duplicates them. Saturday was the wedding day Unicorn. Everything was perfect from the weather to the smallest details. Ithaca doesn’t see these kind of conditions like this often. Maybe Sarah & Tommy really do have superpowers. Travel safe dear friends. Till the next pint…and some tacos.