Lexie & Andrew: Bear Creek Ski Resort

I was hungry hungry hippos chomping waiting to get these two back in front of the lens. We had such a great time during their engagement, the calendar days were getting a sharpie swipe on the daily till today. These two just continue to blow my mind with their unbelievable sweetness, laughter and just flat-out generosity. They love their family, friends and if you were one of the lucky ones witnessing the greatness, you were in good company today. The weather was incredible, guests danced till the shirts were a darker color than what they started. I am only a few hours removed and I miss them already. They promised this won’t be the last time we hang. I am holding them to that. We didn’t pinky swear, but Lexie wins at everything she does, so I believe her. Till next time friends. Your “way past your bedtime” teaser is live!