Alyssa & Dustin: Riverview CC

I walk away from today’s wedding with Alyssa & Dustin with a lot of memories. It was the hottest wedding I have ever been apart of. 112 degrees during the ceremony. We all baked like baked potatoes (best man line). I had one of the coolest wedding parties in my career. No joke. These guys came to party and they kicked ass. Alyssa & Dustin were so unbelievable from the start of our journey to the last hug goodbye tonight. They thanked me more times than I can count and really it is me who should be thanking them. They let me do what I do. They followed my lead and the end result is what is teased below. I am so humbled to know these two and I look forward to our next pint and hug. Just have to wait a little bit…just a little. xoxo

Jeffrey SabottaComment