Tori & Quinn: Monterre Vineyards

After all the planning, all the details and all the last minute checks, Tori & Quinn got the wedding Unicorn and Saturday was just a complete magical adventure. From the start, everything just flowed. From the delicious Mimosas, cookies and snacks, to the incredible venue and weather. Looking back, everything just hit on target. I never questioned how this happened. Just excited it did, for them, it was deserved. I was asked if I wanted to join them for the after party hi-jinx. Man oh man was I tempted. But I think a same night edit will mean more than my presence there. We will have our celebratory beverages. Count. On. That.

Much thanks to my boy, Rob Dunbar, for the assistance today. Much love to Warren and Mel of Imagery Life for their energy, laughter and front-line shenanigans. It wouldn’t be a proper send off without Tori & Quinn. From our first 3 hour phone call, epic Harrisburg E2 to todays adventure. You guys made this wedding story ride worth every second. I adore you both, I loved our time together and I can’t wait to reunite down the trail. I miss you both already. Have a wonderful getaway. Now grab a tissue or two and click your shoes three times and lets remember. . 1…2…

Jeffrey Sabotta1 Comment