Jenna & Ty: Philander Chase Knox Estate

When you surround yourself with good people, good things happen. Jenna & Ty are that dynamic duo that comic books try to copy, hallmark tries to hire for movies and lastly people want to be. It is a simple triple threat that made its mark on Saturday and we were one of the lucky ones to see it first hand. Everyone brought their A game and the energy was off the rails. I loved every minute. Much thanks to all the vendors and venue for the laughter and hospitality. Also, to my boy, Ken Mace, for the front line booms. These two have an amazing destination to go to in the next few days. Here is a little teaser to get them started. May the force be with you and cheers to you both. I dedicate this love note to our buddy, Bert, wherever he is. lol.

Jeffrey Sabotta1 Comment