E2 Session: Brianna & Dustin, Hillsboro NH

When we discussed the strategy for Brianna and Dustin’s engagement, everything pointed to 2 things. 1. It has to be a nice day. 2. Hope we have some fall colors. I am happy to report that we got both. New England tends to start the burst of foliage in September, but with the warmth we’ve had this Summer things got a little delayed with the turn. I am guessing we will miss peak colors by 2 weeks. But, we did get a start of some and I am not complaining at all. I also got some extra face time with some my extended NH family, which is always a bonus. However, this was a quick trip and didn’t allow a lot of visit time. I am hoping to be back by the end of the year, but we will see. Brianna found some amazing spots she had scouted a weeks prior and at the tail end we got that fall foliage we all wanted. Stoked to show these two. I get another crack at the fall New England colors next year. Fingers crossed. Enjoy the highlights. .

Jeffrey SabottaComment