Steph & Nino: Inn at Leola

So let’s count down some of my favorite moments from Saturday. The bridesmaids said they didn’t need the fruit to come back to the suite they got ready in because they were full. They ate the fruit. Nino now and forever will shave his head. Carmen is ready to be a mother of 2 adorable kiddos. Joe is fantastic at making us turn around when the sun creeped out finally. Tom gives fantastic dad speeches. His voice cracked, my tear ducts swelled. Steph and Nino hate focused attention, but boy did they kill it today with those looks of love. I hope I see more dresses like Steph wore today. Just stunning. Her flowers were my favorite of the year so far. And finally, when the pics are ready for delivery, I get to join them for BBQ in their new home expansion. There was a lot more memories, but at 2am, these are the ones I will write down. These two were made to be together. Nino got help from his dad and the rest is history they say. Got to see some familiar faces today in a beautiful venue that suited every detail. Teasers are a fun way to revisit the day. They get to do this over breakfast. So without delay, grab your utensils and dig in.

Jeffrey SabottaComment