E2 Abby & Wally Part 2

Collaboration is the key to not only getting better at your craft, but also getting inspired and getting out of your comfort zone. Too much for a Tuesday? Well then it really is just an excuse to hangout with your friends then. Better?. Our Team of 3 joined forces last night with Abby & Wally to capture their 2nd part of their E2 session. My homies, Steve Braglio and Ken Mace and myself formed the mighty photo robot and took these two on a laughter ride full of great snags and a lovely sunset to close out the session. Did I mention we saw a rando climber on the stacks and the cops had to come and shut it all down? Scratch that off the bucket list of things to happen during a session. It didn’t take away from the fun however. These two brought their giggle on and it was quite the ride. Loved getting to reunite with this couple. I adore them to no end. And to my brothers on the front line. Thanks for tagging along and putting these two in another stratosphere of excitement. You guys are going to simply kill it in 2020 with this duo. Can’t. Freakin. Wait. Enjoy.

Jeffrey SabottaComment