Kelly & Andrew: Newport, RI

I made my way back to Newport, RI this weekend after visiting for the first time back on Memorial Day weekend helping out my buddy Steve and his wedding. Clearly, I missed the memo that the island is busy like all the time. Like all the time. We had the weather unicorn yet again galloping into Saturdays event and I couldn’t have been happier for this duo. Getting the opportunity to reunite after 2 years, meeting their family and bridal party a day early clearly was magical and the wedding spoke for itself. It was insanely beautiful and this one will surely go down as one of my favorites EVER…for soooooo many reasons. I am talking to you wedding party! You guys are on another level and I loved being in your world for a while. Thanks for the memories this weekend. So, I am back home, sort of rested, but here is a little glimpse of what I got to do. Jealous? Yeah, you should be. Much love to these geeky lovebirds. I miss you already. Say hi Chewy in a week. xoxo.

Jeffrey SabottaComment