Emily & John: Bear Creek Ski Resort

It started with a kiss at the school lockers and soon blossomed to a life long love.  Come rain or shine, these two were sealing the deal in front of some of their closest friends and family outdoors.   These two couldn't take their eyes off each other once they locked in during their very emotional and drizzly ceremony. It really was quite beautiful. What followed was an insane dance party with some of the most hilarious peeps we've seen all season.  From delicious cupcakes to long island ice teas being consumed like water, it was a fantastic time. I loved getting to know these two from our hill climbing in Lancaster, to the final hug at their sparkler sendoff.  These two deserve all the spoils life provides.  I was so humbled to take part and I am so excited for them to see a little sampling of what is ahead.  They have a new house now.  That means naked walls...not for much longer. xoxo guys!