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E2 Session: Mary Lou & Mike

So a funny thing happened when I was in Mexico…

I think with all the excitement behind this collection, I honestly don’t have anywhere to go with the above statement except that is where I met Mary Lou and Mike. They were guests in a wedding I shot there. We became friends, stayed in touch, they got engaged and here we are today shooting in Longwood Gardens. Lesson here kids. Be yourself and good people will find you. Write that down…

With a simply beautiful day and two very smitten people, we walked the grounds, caught up on life and shot some pretty incredible snags. Oh yeah, when of my favorite photos to date is in here. Venture a guess?

They are getting married next year. It will be an overseas adventure. I am so excited for them! We had a very good day. This set is the ice that makes up the slushy, that well frankly, makes it so damn delicious.

Enjoy the collection friends. Happy Friday!