E2 For TWO

The question has been asked and the answer has been given and now the whirlwind that comes with getting engaged is upon you.  I believe that the time you spend as an engaged couple is as important as the time you spend as a married one.  It is full of celebration and potential champagne or beer toasts depending on what you prefer.  Your engagement is exciting and exhilarating and full of possibility, just like you are.   Your whole life together lays out before you full of promise.  It is my pleasure to capture that excitement and giddiness during your engagement session.  I aim to document  the stolen kisses, the gentleness as you brush a strand of hair off your partners face, the intertwining of your fingers while you hold hands.  Or if you are like my wife and  I, I want to capture the goofy faces, bear hugs and belly laughs.  Either way I want to photograph more than your pretty faces; I want to show what makes you as a couple unique and special and you.  Whether it be photographed prior to our working together at your wedding or as a stand alone session I want to provide you with photographs that document the hope and belief in forever that only engaged couples have.