Sarah & Mike: Steel Stacks Wedding

When you mix fantastic people with an unbelievable venue, you can’t help, but get goosebumps when at the end of the day, you know you’ve captured something amazing.  Needless to say, multiple goosebumps hit me throughout the day with Mike and Sarah and now I get to unveil all the magic, all the coolness, all the colors and all the kick-ass imagery that came along for the ride.

The Steel Stacks in Bethlehem was the setting, the steel was our backdrop.  Friends and family came out to celebrate and to party the night away.  Notice, i did not say reception.  It was a party, done!!  The colors were magnificent, the dinner was delicious and their bread pudding desert, OH MY GOD!!!. Live music carried the people to the landing to observe, mingle and drink cocktails.  While a few steps away the DJ entertained guests within the room itself, never impeding on each others space.

The cool breeze and lights of the steel lit up the night and I ended my evening with an invite to the after party at the Brew Works in  Bethlehem, with my wife in hand.  It was unforgettable.  The people i met were insanely rad!.   Sarah and Mike, your coolness has no end.  Thanks so much for the adventure.  Now, it’s time to reveal the awesome!!




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